CartX changelog
CartX changelog

Look out world, we have arrived!





After taking the Brazilian e-commerce scene by storm, we wanted to expand our reach and help more people increase their sales and revenue.

Today we're proud to announce that CartX is now able to power sales through the internet for the entire globe!

This means you can now utilize our One-page Transparent Checkout in your store, regardless of which country you live or sell your products.

We've updated our checkout to have multi-currency capacities. When a visitor initiates checkout we'll detect their IP address and use this information to determine which currency needs to be displayed.

Our team also adapted our dashboard and help center to have everything translated to English, including many tutorial videos!

You can also take advantage of these great features that are included in every CartX plan:

  • Built-in Cart Recovery System

  • Post-purchase Upsell & Downsell

  • Order Bump

  • Open checkout code (incredible customization potential)

  • Social proof app

At launch only our transparent checkout will be available, but we plan to release our online store globally later on.

This is only the beginning of our journey and we plan to update our platform constantly. So keep an eye in our changelog to see what's new with CartX.