CartX changelog
CartX changelog






Cash on Delivery now available!

Now you can have COD in your Shopify store with CartX checkout. Your customer can select this payment option directly on checkout, and as soon as they place the order, it'll go to Shopify with te Awaiting payment status.

Then once the payment is confirmed you need to manually change it to Paid in your Shopify store, but once that is done it'll automatically sync with CartX.








New look for our CartX + Shopify app and e-mail verification!

And to end this week on a high note we made a change to our CartX + Shopify app, completely changing its design to make it more user-friendly.

We also implemented a e-mail verification wall to avoid fake sign-ups. Now all users must have a valid e-mail address to utilize our services.

New interface for CartX + Shopify app

Our main goal was to make our integration page easier to understand, that's why each item there now has a small description explaining what the feature does.

We're really digging the new look and we hope you like it too!


E-mail verification wall

We have just implemented an automated system that will look for unusual and invalid e-mail addresses. The user will have to confirm their current e-mail address or change to a valid one in order to keep using CartX.

This is part of our initiative to block all sorts of fake stores.






Change for Google Ads Pixel behavior on upsells

Today's update is pretty short and self explanatory, we've made a small but significant change to the way the event is fired on upsells funells.

What changed?

We've implemented a change to make the Google Ads Pixel get triggered on every single upsell offer within the funnel.

Previously it was only compatible with the first offer, now it works on all of them.








Improvements for the CartX - Shopify integration and some changes to Google Analytics.

New feature: Shopify clear cart

We've added a new feature that allows the cart to be cleared when going to checkout. You can find it and enable it inside the CartX + Shopify app on CartX dashboard.


CartX is now compatible with Cart Drawer on Debutify!

You can now have our One-Page Checkout working with your cart drawer on Debutify! But first, you must follow our step-by-step tutorial in order to make sure it works properly.

Click here to be redirected to our tutorial page.

Improvements for Google Analytics

We made some improvements in our Google Analytics integration in order to make it more precise. Now the user's session is tied to the URL parameter.

You won't need to change anything on your end, this improvement was made on our side.






We got a big update today! New text editor, theme versions and more.

Text Editor

First of all, let's talk about our new text editor. We changed it completely as to make it easier and simpler to handle.

You'll notice that the design takes a minimalistic approach. But that doesn't mean we cut features, not at all. We kept all existing features and expanded upon them a little bit.


Theme Revisions

Have you ever regretted changing the look of your checkout or online store? Then you'll love this feature. We have added the option to rollback to a previous version of your theme.

Each change you make will create a new version, this allows you to change back to how it was at anytime.

However, this feature does not work retroactively, meaning you won't be able to restore any changes made before this update.


Checkout Editor Improvements

Our checkout editor is better than ever! First of all, now the changes you make reflect in real time, it's no longer necessary to wait for the page to refresh. This will speed things up a lot.

Furthermore, we can edit any text just by clicking on it and selecting the text directly in the checkout preview, you don't need to locate the right field/option in the full list anymore.

We guarantee you'll love these changes. Check it out for yourself!

Look out world, we have arrived!





After taking the Brazilian e-commerce scene by storm, we wanted to expand our reach and help more people increase their sales and revenue.

Today we're proud to announce that CartX is now able to power sales through the internet for the entire globe!

This means you can now utilize our One-page Transparent Checkout in your store, regardless of which country you live or sell your products.

We've updated our checkout to have multi-currency capacities. When a visitor initiates checkout we'll detect their IP address and use this information to determine which currency needs to be displayed.

Our team also adapted our dashboard and help center to have everything translated to English, including many tutorial videos!

You can also take advantage of these great features that are included in every CartX plan:

  • Built-in Cart Recovery System

  • Post-purchase Upsell & Downsell

  • Order Bump

  • Open checkout code (incredible customization potential)

  • Social proof app

At launch only our transparent checkout will be available, but we plan to release our online store globally later on.

This is only the beginning of our journey and we plan to update our platform constantly. So keep an eye in our changelog to see what's new with CartX.